Game information for GTA, NFSMW, and X-Men have been added.

Enjoy the new year.

And if anyone out there reading this site wants to become a game rater for this site, email me and let me know.

- Xeon
December 31, 2005
... when I finish playing everything else I just bought in the past week.

- Xeon
November 7, 2005
Joel and I chose to give Meijer a second chance at selling us PSP games when GTA:LCS arrived.

Someone came to the display case within 2 minutes, so it wasn't so bad.

But the moment they take more than 10 minutes to assist with selling us any games, they go back on boycott, forever.

- Xeon
October 29, 2005
I was sitting at work, about to play my newly pre-ordered, just inserted Death Jr., when something happened. My PSP slid down my leg, and bumped my shoe. Not very hard at all. It was on the whole time this happened, so I picked it up and started to check things out. I figured the PSP was fine since it didn't hit very hard, but I was wrong.

The D-pad Up button was no longer working properly. Left, Right, and Down worked fine, along with all the rest of the buttons, but the Up button required to be pushed really hard for it to make contact anymore. Sometimes it would even press left and not up when pressing the Up button.

So, I took my PSP that I bought from Electronics Boutique, with my Meijer receipt from Joel's PSP that I bought for him on 4/1/2005, and went to Meijer to exchange it for a new one.

The lady at Meijer said the product was well past their return/exchange date, but I informed her that there is a one year SONY warrenty, to which her manager told her to give me a Meijer Merchandise Return Card with a refund of my purchase money. I was instructed that I would have to go to the back of the store (where the PSPs are located) and purchase a new one with the refund card.

Why mind you, did they not just exchange it for a new one instead of give me a refund card, and expect me to go and buy a new one? Wouldn't it have been easier to just switch them without me having to actually purchase a new one, seriously. Meijer is an odd business place. Any other game store would have just exchanged it. It was a waste of giving me a return card. The money was only held on the card for about 10 minutes. 8 of it was trying to get the Meijer employee to notice I was in need of assistants in their ill gotten store of anti-assisting assistants.

When I told that Meijer employee I was buying a new one, cause my original release day system was broken, he asked why I didn't just send it in to get fixed. He said "Why are you buying a new one?" I said "Cause I'm not waiting a week to get it fixed when I can just exchange it for one that works now." Duh!

Understand, people, that the item I exchanged was well past the stores exchange/return policy time by at least a couple of months. Still, I have a brand new PSP in the box, as they did their jobs and provided me with service, though rather oddly how they did it ass backwards.

I'm going to EB Games in the morning to get a new screen cover for this new unit, so that I don't get any scratches on it. It's still in the box, unopened, sealed, and fresh. Still haven't got a chance to play Death Jr. yet.

I kept my old memory card duo, so now I have two 32MB cards, and I forgot to pack up the battery charger from the original one, so now I have two of those now also.

The plug-in end of the headphone/remote unit was become damaged, within the wiring, recently, and I was about to go out and buy a new one of those, but looks like I don't have to anymore, I packed the old one in the box with the damaged PSP, and now I have all new in an unopened box. Hurray for me! Oddly how the wiring on that plug-in end was messing up, when I was in Iowa for a few days, it had always worked fine before, but then all of a sudden, audio was gone in one speaker, til I moved the wire and it was fine again. I wonder if anyone experienced that yet? Even with little wear and tear on it, it had done that.

- Xeon
August 18, 2005
I hate to bring it up, because it's not PSP news, but we'd been hating on the DS for lack of quality software. My not liking the "Nintendogs" was not because it did or did NOT have stylus support, it's just re-iterating that Nintendo is only interested in Marketing to children for the most part. I know we have our Mortal Kombats and such, and even the new Zelda coming out. Aside from an occasional Resident Evil, nothing really exists for us older gamers. However, I noticed something new for the DS. It's a 3-D looking "Boy and His Blob." I remember playing that when I was little. And this DOES have stylus support. I just wish they'd do some Nintendo re-hashes, like Maniac Mansion. THAT GAME WAS AWESOME!

- Joel
June 22, 2005
Since I have reached the saturation point of game ownership having purchased almost every USA released PSP game not including a majority of the sports titles, though I will own those too someday, I have decided to add a section that will display my lust and desire for games that have been listed as in production or soon to be released completed games.

Though, I wish I could put TMNT on the list, Konami has still to say that they wish to publish it on the PSP system. Bastards, I WANT MY TMNT!

And if Joel would write a news article that is worth posting, you will then see other rants from his point of view. The only thing he sent to me to post so far was a complaint about Nintendo DS Nintendogs not having stylus support, but that's not true, they do have touch stylus support. What fun would it be without it?

If Nintendo DS comes out with more interesting games other than just Super Mario 64 DS, then I might begin adding some of those games to the site also. Might mean I will have to get a second DS. Money that could go to better use buying more PSP games.

- Xeon
June 1, 2005
During the past half dozen times I have gone to Meijer to purchase games for the SONY PSP system I have had difficulty getting someone in the game department to open the cases. It seems to be the same trouble regardless of the time of day. On several occasions I went to the store intending to purchase a game or 2, but ended up leaving and going to a competitor to make the purchase since after sometimes waiting for store personal for upwards of 30 minutes to come to the department. Most of the time, no one comes.

I've spent over $1000 on SONY PSP systems and games in the past 2 months, but have decided to stop purchasing them at any Meijer location due to the lack of service in the game department.

Once a store personal in grey noticed I needed assistance and asked if I needed anything out of the display case. I told him I wanted to look at two games. He told me that if all I wanted to do was look that he had "more important things to do." I told him I wanted to look at the back of the game boxes first since I am unable to until the display case is open. I had intended to purchase the games before I walked into the store, and he almost made me so mad that I wanted to just walk out without the games. Though I did buy them cause I didn't feel like driving to another store since I had to drive another 100 miles to give one of the games to someone as a gift.

I have no problem buying anything else in the store since I don't need customer service to unlock the products, but since time after time I've had to wait an unnecessary amount of time of what I could have just walked into a competitors store, have paid for the games and been playing them within 5 minutes, I decided against buying anymore SONY PSP games at any Meijer location.

As of current, I have spent the following amounts:


EB Games


Best Buy

Grand Total $1,126.51 (since 3/24/2005)

Meijer is the shortest distance from my home, but takes the longest to get someone to assist the display cases.

Ignoring customers is not a way to properly run a game department.

Thank you for your time,

Xeon Xai

- Xeon
May 30, 2005




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